Snow Envy

The hubs bought us this great camera and set it up on the porch at The Deanery. Now, whenever I get want to go to Grafton, all I have to do is just log on and voila! I am there! Well, sort of. Short of finding some red ruby slippers or an airline ticket, it will do. So, while I sit working away inside an office building (ugh) I can log on escape for a moment or two. But, this comes with its own set of problems….sometimes this little camera doesn’t work. A guest unplugs it, Wi-Fi goes out, yada yada. The weather app says it is snowing right now and I can’t get it to come up! Panic rises…I just want to see the snowflakes…it is nothing but sun and 70’s here. My caretaker probably hates me because I text and beg them to stop by and check it out. I have to admit it is to watch it snowing (can picture the eyeroll on the other end of the text). Right about now they hate snow and my childish love of the white stuff. But, they humor me…whew! I have a picture! Seriously, look at all the snow piling up? I could make an awesome snow angel, snow man, snow crème (yeah, probably not that – I am certain there is poo under there somewhere), but it is so pretty I want to put on my snow britches and boots and dive in it. This my friends is called snow envy. I guess it is like everything else, you want what you can’t have. Hum, maybe I better book a trip and get going to Grafton before it goes away!