What is check in and out time?

Our normal check in time is 3:00 on the day of arrival and 1:00 on the day of departure.

Do you offer early check in - late check out?

Yes, we do offer extended hours if the space if available. It is $25 for every two hour extension.

What do you provide?

Our goal is for our house to feel like your home. All beds will be ready for your arrival. We have plenty of towels, the kitchen has just about everything you would need to cook (spices/oils/pots/pans, we provide enough toilet paper, paper towels, dishwasher/dishwashing soap and laundry powders to get you started). We generally have other non-essentials in the bathrooms for those things you may have forgotten. We also have plenty of games, puzzles, movies, towels for the creek, chairs for the yard, etc.

Do you have a firepit?

Yes, we do have a freestanding firepit that you are welcome to use. There is a ton of forest behind the house for twigs/logs. If we have firewood next to the house you are welcome to use it. We do ask that you make sure it is safely extinguished prior to your departure and returned to the spot where you found it upon arrival.

Do you have a grill?

Yes, we have a gas grill that you can use. Depending on how many folks have stayed at the house will determine if there is gas though. We fill it up each time we are there. Alternately, there is a charcoal grill in the garage. Please make sure either is extinguished before putting it back in place.

What about the food in the kitchen?

You are welcome to anything that is in the kitchen (coffee, spices, food, beverages - yes, even beer/wine if it is there). We try to keep staples on hand. We do ask that you throw away any opened food you have prior to your departure.

What do we need to do upon check out?

There is a book in the kitchen upon your arrival that states our check out procedures. Here are the majority of them: Strip the beds of the sheets/pillow cases and place in the mesh bags provided in each room, hang all towels up, bag garbage and place in the garage, start the dishwasher if you have used dishes, close all windows that are open, turn off the heat upstairs.

Do you have WiFi?

Yes, we have Wi-Fi.

Do you have cable?

Yes, we have local channels.

Is there cell service in the area?

Little to none. AT&T is your best bet. I always try to write down directions to wherever I am going for "just in case". There is a landline at the house.