Our Approach

Meet the Moulton's

If any photo would give you an indication of our personalities, this would be it! We are a pair of mid-forties kids who fell in love with a little town called Grafton! We live in Texas for the most part, but spend as much time at The Deanery as we can! When we can't, that is when you get to take advantage of our misfortune and get to enjoy the house!

Our Story

The Deanery

How did we find Grafton you ask? Well, in 2012 my boyfriend (now hubby) thought he would bring me to New England. I am a southerner folks, so the north was foreign to me! He brought me up during the peak of leaf peeping and we set out to see the colors! The day started out foggy so we drove up to Waterbury, VT to begin our venture down the back roads! The colors are fabulous in the Fall! WOW! Our last stop of the day was to the Phelps Pub in Grafton. We could not believe the overall charm of the town. It was like a postcard! I knew then that I had to come back to this town! And, we did...every year for a couple of years. And was ridiculously hot in Texas in August of 2016. I mean HOT! We just need to move to get out of this heat! Wasn't there a house for sale in Grafton? Maybe we should look at it (yes, we are a bit spontaneous!)! So folks, the rest is history! Three months later we took possession of The Deanery and started to work our magic in getting it ready for you, our guests (it had cooled off by then in Texas and we decided maybe we only needed to be in the North part-time). 🙂